Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The diseases in plants are caused by several agents and affect different parts. Some of the important diseases and their agents are given below.
1. Rust of wheat-black, brown, yellow; carried by air. 2. Sesame leaf spot or Brown leaf spot of rice; seed­
3. Red rot of sugarcane; seed-borne.
4. Ergot of bajra (pearl millet); seed-borne.
5. Green ear disease of bajra; soil-borne.
6. Smut of bajra; soil-borne.
7. Tikka disease of groundnut; soil-borne.
8. Blast of rice; air-borne.
9. Coffee rust; air-borne.
10. Late blight of potato; soil-borne.
11. Downy mildew affecting grapes, bajra, crucifers
like radish, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, mustard.
12. White rust affects radish, turnip, cabbage, cauli­
flower, etc.
13. Powdery mildew affects wheat.
14. Kamal bunt of wheat.
15. Wilt of pigeon pea.
16. Wilt of cotton.
17. Footrot of paddy.
18. Footrot of papaya.
19. Bean rust-affecting black gram, rajmah, etc. 20. Loose smut of barley.
1. Potato mosaic.
2. Tobacco mosaic.
3. Bunchy top of banana.
4. Leaf curl of tobacco, tomato, papaya.
5. Carrot red leaf.
6. Potato leaf roll.
1. Blight of rice; seed-borne.
2. Black arm or angular leaf spot of cotton; seed-borne. 3. Tundu disease of wheat.
4. Crown gall of plUID, cherry, peach, apple, almond,
pear, etc.
5. Brown rot of potato.
6. Ring rot of potato.
1. Root knot of tomato (also potato, chilli, brinjal,
radish, etc.)
2. Citrus die back.
3. Ear-cockle of wheat.
1. Stem borer of rice.
2. Brown plant hopper of rice.
3. Spotted bollworm of cotton.
4. Pink bollworm of cotton.
5. Coconut caterpillar.
6. Gundhy bug or paddy bug.

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